The PentaMice® Platform

A Proprietary Set of Wildtype Mice Designed to Achieve Maximum Plasma Titers in Hybridoma Campaigns

Conventional immunization approaches utilized in hybridoma-based antibody discovery campaigns typically use one or two common wildtype (WT) mouse strains (e.g. Balb/c or C57Bl/6). Curia’s scientists have noted through a course of over 100 campaigns that this approach likely limits the identification of high-quality antibodies to just those target antigens that are efficiently processed and presented by a restricted major histocompatibility complex (MHC) repertoire.

Curia’s PentaMice platform is a royalty-free set of mice comprising 5 WT strains that cover 9 distinct MHC haplotypes. A total of 10 mice (2 mice of each strain) are included in each set to achieve maximum plasma titers, thus boosting the opportunity to generate high-quality antibodies in vivo.

Download our latest Pentamice Flyer below:

The Five Wildtype Strains in the PentaMice Platform

b x s

d x u

k x g7

q x v


The Concept Behind the PentaMice Platform

Plasma titer response based on different mouse strains
  1. Plasma titers are highly predictive of antibody discovery success. Based on Curia’s experience, there is often a strong strain-dependent difference in plasma titers for most targets.
T cell activation mechanism

2. High plasma titers require T cell help, and one of the requirements for effective T cell activation is recognition of cognate antigens presented by the MHC. Only certain peptides are effectively presented by certain MHC.

3. MHCs are highly polymorphic. Curia’s scientists hypothesize that this polymorphism drives strain-dependent differences in plasma titers. Hence, the PentaMice Platform is designed to cover a wide range of MHC haplotypes to enable effective T cell help.

View Curia’s Webinar on PentaMice: A Unique Approach to Achieve Maximum Plasma Titers for Antibody Discovery, presented by Senior Director of Discovery Immunology, Dr. Brian Zabel.